NJPN E-Bulletin 12th November 2023

(Image courtesy of the Peace Pledge Union)

A prayer commended by the Archbishop in Jerusalem:

O God of all justice and peace,
we cry out to you in the midst of the pain and trauma of violence and fear which prevails in the Holy Land. 

Be with those who need you in these days of suffering;

we pray for people of all faiths

– Jews, Muslims and Christians and for all people of the land. 

While we pray to you, O Lord, for an end to violence and the establishment of peace,

we also call for you to bring justice and equity to the peoples.

Guide us into your kingdom where all people are treated with dignity and honour as your children

– for to all of us  you are our Heavenly Father. 

In Jesus’ name we pray, 

(From the Fellowship of Reconciliation newsletter)

Dear Friends,

I start with the sad news that Geoff Thompson, our Administrator, passed away on the 1st November. Being a man of great faith, he would have appreciated the fact that it was All Saints Day. We remember Geoff in an obituary below. There are also details of his funeral, which will take place on Wednesday.

The unseasonal early Autumn warm weather is a dim distant memory, and I have had to put my heating on a couple of times in this past week, just to warm the house up a bit. I like to think I am doing my bit for the climate by not putting it on – but in reality, it is to save on the energy bills. I was reminded recently, though, that it is not always good to let your house get too cold. My other half has had a problem with mould on the walls of his flat, and when the Housing Association sent an Assessor to look at it he was told that the mould was caused by damp, and that he should be heating his flat up to at least 18 degrees to avoid that sort of a problem. If you can afford to have your heating on much of the time, that is fine, but most of us can’t. If anyone has any tips they want to share about saving energy and keeping the house warm, they would be gratefully received – and it would be good to be able to pass onto others.

Our Action of the Week today is to encourage you to attend a Christian Aid event that is taking place tomorrow (Monday 13th). Please attend if you can.

The next e-bulletin will be out in three weeks time. Before then we will be having our Networking Evening on the 21st November, which I hope as many of you as possible will attend. This is your chance to have your say on your burning issues, and how NJPN can respond. More details are below.

Please send any articles to be included by Friday 1st December to be included in the next edition.

Stay warm and safe,


NJPN E-Bulletin 12th November 2023