NJPN E-Bulletin 7th January 2024

(Image courtesy of embeddedfaith.org)

“Let us leave behind our divisions and unite our forces … and with God’s help, let us emerge from the dark night of environmental devastation in order to turn our common future into the dawn of a new and radiant day.” 

(Pope Francis – COP28)

Dear Friends,

A Happy New Year to you all! I hope your Christmas was a happy one, and that 2024 will be a healthy one! In our area there seems to have been a lot of people with this ‘100 day cough’, and I must admit that listening to Carols being sung, interspersed with bouts of coughing at our late Mass on Christmas Eve, made me yearn for the bad old days when masks were compulsory!

As you can imagine, we have a packed edition this weekend after a few weeks without. I have tried to keep everything current and relevant. Our Action of the Week is around Peace Sunday, which is next weekend. There are also plenty of articles on the climate.

Exciting news! Our next newsletter will be winging its way to you by post in the couple of weeks if you are a member/subscriber. In with it will be our Conference Booking Form (hasn’t that come around quickly!). In the next few days the Booking Form will also appear on our website, and due to complaints about how hard our previous form was to fill in online, we have changed the format. There will be two options to choose from – the first is a Word Document that you need to download to your PC/Laptop, fill it in, and then email it back to us; the second is that we are trialling a Microsoft Form, which we hope will make life easier. All we ask is that you don’t do both! Just fill in one or the other. Please also be aware that there are a limited number of spaces this year at present. When this Conference was booked a couple of years ago, we were given 130 spaces – and The Hayes have informed us that they are fully booked now that weekend. Once we have filled those spaces anyone else will need to go on a waiting list until The Hayes are in a position to release some more rooms, should they receive any cancellations. If you are planning on coming, please book early.

The next e-bulletin will be out around the weekend of the 21st January, and any articles/events you want shared will need to be with me by Friday 19th.

God bless


NJPN E-Bulletin 7th January 2024