Members of NJPN facilitate four meetings each year. These events are open meetings and  if you are concerned about peace and social justice and the riches of Catholic Social Teaching you will receive a warm welcome.

Alternate meetings are held at venues outside London to enable as many people as possible to engage and share concerns and suggestions for practical action.

Dates and Places of Future Network meetings


 Open Networking Day

On the Altar of the World

St Philip Neri Church,  30 Catharine St, Liverpool L8 7NL

8 September 2018

11am – 12 noon

NJPN Welcome and networking Time

12 noon – 5.00pm

A programme of events exploring the sacramental theology of creation, reconciliation, forgiveness, peace and the Eucharist


This will be an open access meeting forming part of the activities that are in the Parallel Programme, complementing the main event of the Adoramus Eucharistic Pilgrimage and Congress taking place in the Liverpool Arena. 

Poster and programme details are available to download:

 Event poster

Parallel Programme Brochure





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