We invite you to have a greater involvement in National Justice & Peace Network. Consider becoming a member of NJPN; joining our Email Group and receiving our Newsletter. Members are asked to pay a regular subscription but there is no fixed fee. We ask you to pay what you feel you can afford. Currently, Members are paying between £2 and £20 a month. All that you donate may be Gift Aided. You may also pay quarterly or annually.

Download Membership Form

Complete the form and post to NJPN, 39 Eccleston Square, London SW1V 1BX

DONATE ON LINE: Type in National Justice and Peace Network, under “Find a Charity”

If you would like the work of NJPN to live on after you die, please consider leaving a legacy to National Justice & Peace Network.
You could leave

– A pecuniary legacy (a gift of a fixed sum of money) to a named organisation.
– A residual legacy
– the residue of your estate after all bequests have been made.

A codicil can be added to an existing will.