NJPN E-Bulletin 11th December 2022

(Above image Copyright of picture-alliance/Zum a Press/London News Pictures/P. Hackett) 
Every day, somewhere in the world, the nativity scene is alive

Lord God,

open our ears to hear your voice of peace and open our hearts to work for an end to violence and conflict in our world.


(Prayer taken from CAFOD’s Advent Reflection for the 5th December)

Dear Friends,

Thanks to those of you who sent good wishes following the last e-bulletin, when I thought I had Covid. Would you believe I didn’t then, but finally tested positive a week ago! I have been really lucky and not had much in the way of symptoms, apart from extreme tiredness. I get to about lunchtime and have had enough! (some might say that is my age, rather than Covid!).

On a more serious note, my downer of the week was hearing that the Government have given the go ahead for the Coal Mine in Cumbria. You will see an Action about that. Obviously that, and the numerous strikes we are all facing in the coming weeks.

Having said that, I am grateful for the roof over my head, and food on my table, and a loving family around me. Those who are fleeing war or persecution are not so lucky, and that was brought home to me by the above slogan that I saw on Facebook, along with a similar photograph. 

At this time of year, much as we want it to be a joyful time, as Christian people we need to remember those whose life is not as easy as our own.

Our Action of the Week is based around that little town that we sing about at Christmas, Bethlehem, and the struggle that the Palestinian Christians face daily.

This is the last e-bulletin before Christmas and the New Year, so I wish you a peaceful and joyful time, but most of all, keep well and safe. The next issue will be out around the 8th January, so if you can bear that in mind when sending articles to be included.Thanks very much for your continued support over the past year,


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