In a time with so much depressing news  – climate change, unrest in many parts of the world and economic hardship facing many in the UK – the NW NJPN E BULLETIN for DECEMBER 2022 leads with six ‘core conditions’ of conscious hope from writer and peace campaigner David Gee. The controversial decision by FIFA to hold this year’s World Cup in Qatar has thrown into the spotlight many human rights concerns. The opening match for the England team showcased the remarkable sight of Iran’s players refusal to sing their national anthem in a gesture of solidarity with oppressed women and protestors back home. Index on Censorship praises the Iranian players but condemns President Biden’s administration for telling a court last week that as a “sitting head of government” Saudi leader Mohammed bin Salman should be immune from civil court proceedings over the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in 2018. Maggie Beirne of Westminster J&P Commission reports on the recent NJPN quarterly meeting: guest speaker Peter Hussey referred to Pope Francis’ call for a better kind of politics – “one truly at the service of the common good”. We report on the ongoing conflict in Ukraine including a disturbing report that Ukrainian refugees are being forcibly drafted into the Israeli military. The Channel crossings continue to be in the news with those who have died this year commemorated and an arrest made. The Joseph Rowntree Foundation have produced a comprehensive forecast of the impact of the Autumn Statement on low income families. Pax Christi welcome the appointment of new CEO Andrew Jackson and we publish the obituary of newspaper lawyer Eddie Young who was instrumental in bringing the killers of Stephen Lawrence to justice. The findings of the 2021 Census reveal that for the first time, fewer than half the population of England and Wales describe themselves as Christian.  There is a packed diary for December and the New Year.


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NW NJPN Justice and Peace E Bulletin December 2022