NJPN Newsletter – Spring 2017

The Spring edition of the NJPN newsletter leads with a reflection on the ‘Truer meaning of Sabbath’, written by John Bell of the Iona Community.  We are reminded of the message of Pope Francis in LaudatoSi’ that  

‘the present parlous state of the planet’s ecology indicates that a Sabbath for the earth is equally significant for the survival of rich and poor’

The NJPN Swanwick conference in July will seek to develop this notion of BEAUTY and SABBATH as fundamental to the way we relate to God, ourselves, each other, creation, our life in society.

Niall Cooper, Director of Church Action on Poverty, offers a personal reflection on his 20 years in the post. He speaks of dignity and truth and the intrinsic worth of all people.

‘Working Together for Justice and Peace’ celebrates the ecumenical working of East Grinstead Justice & Peace Group.

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