Global Justice Now: Take action to stop ‘hard’ Brexit’

This week the UK Supreme Court confirmed that parliament must have a role in the triggering of article 50, which will start the official negotiations to exit the European Union.

This ruling is our chance to make sure that the people and their representatives play the fullest possible role in mapping out how Brexit will happen and what it will look like.

‘Hard’ Brexit is being aggressively pushed as the only way forward, but there are many possible paths we can take, and we need a full and democratic discussion about them. Until we get one, we think MPs should to vote to halt article 50. We can’t rush through the most far-reaching constitutional changes in a generation without proper scrutiny.

We don’t pretend that the EU referendum never happened, but the government’s proposals are neither good for Britain nor for the rest of the world. The Leave vote is being used to justify the most far-reaching constitutional changes we have seen in over a generation. It requires proper democratic debate and scrutiny.

The government is using ‘hard’ Brexit to impose a particular vision on the UK. They have already threatened to create a deregulated, offshore financial haven, with a closed door policy to people from around the world. This has left three million EU citizens in the UK living in huge uncertainty. It would be a disaster for workers, farmers, businesses and public services like the NHS.

It will also have a huge impact on how we treat countries outside Europe – particularly the sort of trade deals we sign. 

While ‘hard’ Brexit is being aggressively pushed as the only way forward, we think that MPs should halt article 50 until we can have a proper debate on what sort of country we want to build.

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Thank you for your support,

Nick Dearden,
Director of Global  Justice Now