Pax Christi UK reflects on Peacemaking and Europe

In its latest newsletter Pax Christi UK offers three articles on the peacemaking role of Europe. One of its Vice Presidents, Bruce Kent, reflects on the peace history of the EU. Partners from Pax Christi Germany and Pax Netherlands offer reasons as to why the UK should stay in Europe.

Bruce Kent writes: “We today, especially in Pax Christi, can be under no illusions. There is a lot of peacemaking educational work still to do. Ignorance about both the European Union and the United Nations is widespread. Yet both were founded primarily as building blocks of peace.”

Erik Laan from PAX Netherlands says: “We need the UK in, to keep this European peace project alive. We need the UK in, to maintain its relevance as an important peace actor in the world.
We need the UK in, to ensure it has enough leverage to make a difference.”

Pax Christi UK hopes that this resource will help to inform reflection and discussion on the EU Referendum

The Catholic Church in the European Union are due to issue a report on the Peace and Europe’s Vocation later this month.

The newsletter is here