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NJPN E-Bulletin 18 January 2021

Peace is a great and precious value, the object of our hope and the aspiration of the entire human family.

                             Pope Francis (for World Day of Peace 2020)

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 Maybe this extra time that many of us have on our hands can be used to get involved virtually with one of the many events/campaigns that we advertise.
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NJPN E-Bulletin 18 January 21


NJPN Comment in the Catholic Universe – Aisling Griffin: Peace Sunday 17 January 2021

These last few months have showed us many examples of people caring for others. This year, Pope Francis highlights in his 2021 World Peace Day Message, ‘A Culture of Care as a Path to Peace’, the need to care for each other as a key part of working for peace. Despite the goodwill that we see around us, we also still see inequality, injustice and violence.  Pope Francis says, we must “combat the culture of indifference, waste and confrontation so prevalent in our time”.

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Aisling Griffin – Peace Sunday

NJPN Column in the Catholic Universe – Andrew Rollinson: Herald of happier days

It happened in what appeared to be the most godforsaken of places. Eight lanes of traffic, and during rush hours too [for it had ceased to be the singular ‘hour’ long ago]. A modern autogeddon, separated only by a small patch of white painted crosshatch markings (about 10ft by 4ft) on the tarmacadam between two sets of dual carriageways. Traffic thundered past.

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Andrew Rollinson – January 2021

NJPN E-Bulletin 3rd January 2021

 “Peace, justice and care of creation are three inherently connected questions, which cannot be separated in such a way as to be treated individually …”

Quotation from the 2021 World Peace Day Message

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NJPN E-Bulletin 3 January 21 (1)

WCC: Online celebration for Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

World Council of Churches (WCC) interim general secretary Rev. Prof. Dr Ioan Sauca is inviting the global ecumenical family and friends to join the WCC for a livestreamed public prayer service on 25 January, the final day of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.

Traditionally the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity is celebrated from 18-25 January, between the feasts of St Peter and St Paul, especially in the northern hemisphere. The theme for 2021 is “Abide in my love and you shall bear much fruit.”

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NJPN Comment in Catholic Universe – Bruce Kent: Good News and Bad News

In many ways the end of 2020 is a gloomy time. Covid is on an upward move…. already nearly 70,000 deaths in this country alone.  Worldwide, hundreds of thousands more.

Aged 91, I am told to be very careful.  Neighbours kept at a distance. My admiration for those brave people – doctors, nurses and workers of all sorts in the NHS – is unlimited.  A quick dash around the local park is all I am allowed to manage.  Sunday Mass is possible but only if zoomed in from somewhere else.  

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Bruce Kent December 2020

NJPN E-Bulletin 13 December 2020

 “I believe that true evangelisation is born of love and desire: a love for all people and a desire that they come to know the love of Christ and the blessings of living in his kingdom.”

 Annie O’Connor 2016

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E-bulletin December 13th

Lenten Prayer Resources from NJPN: 2020

‘Jesus came into the world to bear witness to the truth; all who are on the side of truth listen to his voice’

Stations of the Cross prepared by Anne O’Connor for the National Justice and Peace Network have been adapted for use during the season of Lent 2020

 Please download and use in parishes, schools and in local justice and peace groups.