The Home Affairs Committee report on system for asylum accommodation: NJPN response


It is unacceptable that those who have fled intolerable and dangerous situations, leaving behind homes and treasured possessions, should not find a welcome among us.

We must, however, recognise the fact that many of our fellow citizens also feel like strangers in a society where they feel increasingly excluded from the mainstream and are equally inadequately housed. It cannot be a question of ‘them or us’ where vulnerable groups are used as political footballs.

We reconise that there is a national shortage of decent affordable housing but in a highly developed country all people must have access to a safe space where they may live with dignity and achieve both physical and mental well-being. We must continually raise our voices and support those groups and agencies working for a fair distribution of resources and a comprehensive housing policy where no one is forced to merely exist in a place which diminishes their humanity.  

Anne Peacey

For Catholic Universe 17.2.17

Home affairs committee conclusions and recommendations