Breaking News – Postponement of Annual General Meeting

 The NJPN Exec met yesterday morning (18th March) via Skype instead of a planned meeting date in London. During this meeting the following motion was agreed:


 NJPN AGM Saturday 2 May


This meeting will no longer take place. NJPN Executive members agreed that the meeting be re-scheduled for 1.45pm on Sunday 19 July at the Hayes Conference Centre Swanwick (immediately following the NJPN Conference)


The Annual Report and Accounts for the period of 12 months since they were last produced must be presented to the postponed AGM and later be submitted to Companies House and the Charity Commission as required.


This situation will be kept under review and if Government restrictions mean that the conference cannot go ahead, it is proposed that the AGM take place at the Open Network meeting in November 2020.