NW NJPN E Bulletin July 2022

The NW NJPN E Bulletin for July 2022 leads with a report of an appeal launched by CAFOD in response to a world food crisis which has hit up to 20 million people in Kenya, Ethiopia and South Sudan. The recent G7 Leaders’ Summit comes under fire for its failure to adequately address the looming global  food shortage as well as cutting back on climate action, exacerbated by Russia’s attack on Ukraine which has resulted in soaring gas prices. Whilst the war in Ukraine is rightly condemned Pat Devlin asks why this has not been the response to other situations of injustice, violent oppression and human rights abuses, suggesting action ideas about the current situation in Palestine. In an opinion piece Joseph Kelly looks at UK defence spending in relation to the need to promote global peace strategies and dialogue. Health Secretary Sajid Javid had shared his personal experience of his brother’s suicide at the launch of a new suicide prevention strategy for England at an event hosted by PAPYRUS. Government plans to increase music spending for schools are welcomed plus encouraging news of a music app to enhance the wellbeing of people affected by dementia. Leading authors have spoken out against university cut-back of  English Literature courses.  In Liverpool, Sr Lynne Baron, FCJ, has been appointed as Archbishop Malcolm McMahon’s delegate for Catholic social action. Sr Lynne will be a key member of the new Archbishop’s Advisory Body and will ensure that the voice of a woman will be heard as the Archbishop makes important decisions – a welcome step forward in response to the Archdiocese’s Synod consultations.

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