NW NJPN eBulletin Mid July 2022

In the run-up to the forthcoming NJPN Conference ‘Hope! a verb with its sleeves rolled up’ (22-24 July) and following this week’s dramatic coup against Boris Johnson by Conservative MPs, an extra edition of the NW NJPN E BULLETIN looks at the current turmoil in UK politics and aims to inspire us to look for signs of hope in our communities and in our wider world. Read through the Conference info on pages 6-7 and book a place if you haven’t done so already.

We lead with an opinion piece by peace activist and writer David Gee whose new book Hope’s Work makes challenging reading – highly recommended. The campaigning group Forces Watch give a worrying appraisal of some of the front-runners for the Tory leadership contest. CAFOD in Lancaster diocese has provided a comprehensive report for the coming months with a focus on the new campaign to Fix the Food System. CAFOD says that the way we grow and distribute food is broken, so people go hungry and the planet suffers, while the climate crisis makes the situation even worse. As Church Action on Poverty this week turns 40, the organisation looks ahead with optimism as new partnerships are forged to help local community groups.

Best wishes

Anne O’Connor

NW NJPN Justice and Peace E Bulletin Mid JULY 2022