MouthPeace Winter 2022

Hello everyone

This year Advent has come upon us quickly and lasts for four full weeks.  As there is material for Advent I am sending this out a little earlier than usual i.e in November.
There are several catchups on webinars and I have watched and recommend them all.  Something positive to do if we do if we get some cold winter weather.

 I have included in full the report of the NJPN Meeting in London earlier in November as the topic of ‘Truth and Integrity’ seem very important and it is encouraging that we are making links with the Quakers.  In our local Churches Together the Catholics and the Quakers often find themselves supporting the same issues where other mainline Churches are hesitant or disagree. 

Best wishes to you,  your families and friends for the Christmas season,


Winter Mouthpeace 2022-3