NJPN E-Bulletin 7th August 2022

NJPN E-Bulletin 7th August 2022

If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together.
(African Proverb)

Dear Friends,
It looks like it’s going to be a shorter e-Bulletin this week. Often these  days, I find time just seems to run away with me, and that has indeed happened this weekend. I think this time I’ll just chalk it up to old age!

The news since our last e-Bulletin has been completely covered with
the Conservative Leadership race, and a lot of the campaign promises from both Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss seem to show a certain
disregard for the marginalised people of our society. On top of that,
with the extensive leadership race coverage, it is obviously drowning
out the voices of those who truly need to be heard.

Now, I couldn’t write my editor’s note without saying a big thank you
to everyone involved in the NJPN Annual Conference that took place between the 22nd and 24th July. Like last year it was a wonderful and enlightening weekend, filled with insight and education. For those who didn’t come this year, I hope to see you next year (or at any one of our upcoming meetings!). It is so encouraging to see the huge amount of people who really do want to make a difference.

I was listening to the Gospel reading today, and in the Gospel according to Luke, Jesus explained to his disciples that it was best to
be ready and waiting when the Master arrives. Perhaps Jesus was
talking about the Day of Reckoning, or perhaps our own deaths.
Regardless of whether or not you are a Christian, I think these words could still apply. Now more than ever, we are aware that we have to try and leave the planet in a better state than how we found it.

Off the back of our Conference, I have a few related bits and pieces in this week’s e-Bulletin, but also I have tried to add in a bit of variety
here and there as well. 

The next edition will be out around the first weekend in September. If you have anything you want included please send it through.
Enjoy the rest of your summer,


Footnote: – it was actually my son, Michael, that wrote this editorial – he offered, and I agreed – hence the old age comment in the first paragraph!

NJPN E-Bulletin 7th August 2022  .