NJPN E-Bulletin 23rd April 2023

 NJPN E-Bulletin 23rd April 2023


‘While all of us in the environmental 
industry hope to work ourselves out 
of a job, there will never be a day when 
Earth Day is no longer needed.’

Evan Raskin (National Campaign Manager, Earth Day)


Dear Friends,

What a busy weekend! As I write this, thousands of people are demonstrating in London for The Big One – not only activists, but members of the RSPB, various organisations dealing with justice and peace/climate issues, church members, religious organisations – and so the list goes on. Todays demonstrations coincide with Earth Day, and I have shared a few articles around this theme.

We have the usual articles on the Climate, Refugees and Palestine; plus this time some on the situation in Sudan. My eldest son, who is not involved at all in J & P issues, mentioned to me last weekend that he had just read a post on Reddit  from somebody in Sudan, who basically said that he expected to die very soon. Some of his friends and family had died and the soldiers were closing in on where he was hiding. This really affected my son, especially as we have no idea what happened to the poor guy who posted it.

All being well, the next E-bulletin will be out around the 7th May, which will be a week before our AGM/Networking Day on the 13th May. The theme of the day is ‘Women in Prison’ and we have three speakers, all with experience in the different ways in which prison affects women. It is taking place in London. and more details are on our website. We would love to see as many of you there as possible. 

Wishing you a good couple of weeks, and if you have anything you want shared, please do so by Friday 5th May. Thanks so much to those of you who send articles through.

Kind regards



NJPN E-Bulletin 23rd April 2023