Call for a Strategy to Support Vulnerable Groups in a Changing World


CARJ Press Release:

At its AGM on Saturday, the Catholic Association for Racial Justice (CARJ) called for a strategy that will promote justice, equality and community for the different vulnerable groups that are emerging in our changing world.  

Speakers on the day highlighted:

  • Young people in marginalised communities struggling to achieve their full potential
  • Migrants, Refugees and Victims of Trafficking
  • Gypsy Roma and Traveller Communities with inadequate Site Provision
  • Families in de-industrialised areas who feel ‘left behind’
  • Victims of caste discrimination in the UK

The ensuing discussion also mentioned:  EU Citizens in the light of Brexit, Muslim communities and  those individuals and groups who may be targets of radicalisation,,BAME groups in the criminal justice system and victims of hate crime.

The call for a wide ranging strategy is prompted in part by the Government’s recent publication of the Race Disparity Audit.  Initial findings from the Audit show a changing, complex and many sided pattern of diversity and inequality: 

The UK has become more ethnically diverse.  The majority of people in each group feel at home.  However, ethnic minorities tend to be poorer and different groups suffer disadvantage in different areas –  eg. education, housing,  criminal justice and health.   At the same time, in education white working class boys are seriously under-achieving and in some places (eg de-industrialised areas) white communities suffer particular disadvantage and feel ‘left behind’. 

CARJ hopes to work with others to develop a multi-faceted strategy to promote justice, equality and community among and between these various marginalised groups.

For further information contact:

CARJ, 9 Henry Rd, London N4 2LH,  020 8802 8080,  The Catholic Association for Racial Justice (CARJ) is an independent Charity dedicated to working with others for a more just, more equal, more cooperative society.