Statement from the Belgian Justice & Peace Commission, Pax Christi and Magma on the attacks in Brussels

Statement reads:

They had the blood, they will not have hatred

The first thoughts of the workers and volunteers of Justice and Peace, Pax Christi and Magma are with the victims of the attacks and their relatives. By striking at Zaventem and in the heart of Brussels, the terrorists not only wanted to bring death: they also intend to sow hatred. It belongs to all of us not to offer them what they want.

To live up to what happens to us is to refuse rage and withdrawal. Is to continue tirelessly weaving a “we” both fragile and fundamental. This is not only a moral imperative but the best long-term guarantee of security.

Hitting the center of a cosmopolitan capital, the bombers would lead us to believe in the impossibility of coexistence of the meeting and mutual enrichment. We do not offer them this success. Our resistance to terrorism will increase the contrary by additional meetings, discussions and reflections.

We invite everyone to solidarity with the victims and brotherhood with all. Every thought, every act of openness and peace will be a defeat of terror and a victory for the future.

Commission Justice and Peace, Pax Christi and Magma vzw