BREXIT – What now

The people have spoken, so as Church – how might we respond?
Sunday’s Gospel reading offers ‘peace to this house’ whose house? How about peace to ‘ALL’ our houses?
In our midst are many disaffected and disenfranchised fellow citizens, who feel and are excluded through poverty and limited opportunity. The lack of certainty and resulting feelings of insecurity can and have led to scapegoating and targeting of the ‘other’.
Is this a moment to despair at what appears to be a real fragmentation in society as we have known it for around 40 years – A generational shift?
This is certainly not ‘a sticking plaster’ moment, we must take a deep breathe, begin a period of reflection and discernment and more especially of listening – a period of ‘walking in another person’s shoes with openness and respect.
Remembering that the ground on which we stand is ‘Holy Ground’ as is the ground on which all God’s people stand. (Exodus: Ch.3)
Whatever our political persuasion we have arrived at a moment of challenge and opportunity, we must be part of a movement for reconciliation and to accept the responsibilities of our Christian baptism.
The National Justice and Peace Network invites all who wish to be part of this process to join us at our annual conference in Swanwick, Derbyshire from 15-17 July to consider a way of ‘doing politics’ which can work for all people.
There will be opportunities to listen, reflect, to consider possibilities and to celebrate meaningful liturgy.

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