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March 2021 North West NJPN eBulletin

The March 2021 NW NJPN E BULLETIN focuses on climate change alongside examining the impact of Covid-19, especially on those who live on the margins and makes the links between these two pressing issues. In the absence of public meetings we have plenty of information about forth-coming Zoom events and links to follow to catch up on recent meetings. Please read and share with others and do sign up for the excellent fortnightly NJPN E BULLETINS at to stay fully up-to-date.

You can download the ebulletin here. NW NJPN Justice and Peace E Bulletin March 2021 [2]

NJPN E-Bulletin 21st February 2021


A message from our editor.

We would love it if you forwarded this e-bulletin on to people you know who share a passion for justice and peace issues. Even better, please encourage people to sign up to the e-bulletin via NJPN website. It would be great to engage even more people in our desire to see the world a better place to live in.

The next bulletin, God willing, will be out in two weeks’ time, and don’t forget, if you have something you particularly want shared, send it to:-

NJPN E-Bulletin 21 February

NJPN Comment in the Catholic Universe – Niall Cooper

Our vision is that the UK can and must be transformed into a country where everyone can live a full life, free from poverty. In the midst of a global pandemic, we might feel further from this goal than ever, but our Christian faith drives us to believe that another world is possible.


Niall Cooper – Transformation a task for us all

Bishop John Arnold spearheads Catholic efforts to go carbon neutral

Launch of ‘Guardians of Creation’ ecological project

The Diocese of Salford has launched a new research project that Bishop John Arnold hopes will spearhead the efforts of the Catholic community in England and Wales to tackle the current ecological crisis by paving the way to a sustainable, carbon neutral future.

The research team will collaborate with other dioceses, parish communities, industry experts, theologians and other groups to develop carbon accounting and environmental management tools that will lead to an implementation framework for use in other dioceses…..


For the full story please visit the CBCEW website at

NJPN Comment in the Catholic Universe – Barbara Butler: Acting for Healing

Whoever and wherever we are we have no choice but to see ourselves as only one member or one group amongst all living things in one fragile planet, and we must live and act accordingly

Read the full article here – Barbara Butler-Acting for Healing

Inter Faith Relations in the UK Today

The next NJPN Open Networking Day will take place on Saturday 27 February from 11am – 3pm via zoom

The main speakers for the day will be:

Dr. Harriet Crabtree OBE Executive Director for the Inter Faith Network for the United Kingdom

Jon Dal Din Deacon of the Southwark Diocese and the inter-faith representative of the Focolare Zone of Western Europe.

Everyone is welcome to join us.

Click here for programme details and booking

NJPN Meetings

NJPN E-Bulletin 31 January 2021

A message from our Editor

Racial Justice is our lead issue this weekend, but there is also a big mixture of Actions to take part in, plus many events, including the opening of bookings for our own Annual Conference, with the theme: ‘Action for Life on Earth 2021’

We forge ahead towards our Conference with a sense of positivity that this year it will happen and we will meet again.

The next bulletin will be out in two weeks’ time and, don’t forget, if you have something you particularly want shared please send it to:


Please download the latest E-Bulletin and share as widely as you can. Thank you

NJPN E-Bulletin 31 January 2021


NJPN Newsletter – Spring 2021

The latest issue of the NJPN newsletter is available to read below, the issue focuses on a number of different topics,


2021 Newsletter 1 4 pages