Mike Clarke: Rest in Peace.

In 2005 Mike became Treasurer of NJPN and since that time we have totally relied on his skill and expertise, as he steered NJPN through some difficult and challenging times. Mike inspired confidence in our ability to continue to maintain and strengthen the network, meeting financial challenges in a clear and calm manner. He did not waste words as he presented his financial reports. His approach was direct, on the lines of ‘this is what we spent, this is what we have left. Any questions?’ In my mind I have a clear picture of Mike during our many meetings at CAFOD, reclining at the back of the gathering, until called upon to present his financial reports. We knew with certainty that Mike had all the information at his fingertips and that NJPN was in very safe financial hands.
In meetings Mike would listen without comment to the thrust of discussion and then quietly produce the appropriate comment or strap line, one that no one else had considered, e.g., Conference 2023: Survival or shutdown.

Mike was much more than his role as NJPN Treasurer. He was wonderful company, and we were lucky to have been able to share time socially during our annual away days, relaxing with wine and nibbles, enjoying his humour and hearty laughter. Mike was in his element whenever he could engage in a good hymn singing session, his powerful voice resonating around the room.

NJPN wishes to express enormous gratitude to Mike as its long serving treasurer and for his longstanding commitment to issues of justice and peace. More importantly we wish to say thank you for so many years of friendship and support. We will certainly miss his towering presence and we offer Lauri and all his family our love and prayers.

Funeral arrangements for Mike:

Mike’s funeral will take place at 12.30 on Monday 10th July at St Edmund’s Church 115 Hertford Road, Edmonton, London, N9 7EN. There will then be a short service at Enfield Crematorium, followed by the reception in the Church Hall in Croyland Road.

The funeral service also be live streamed on YouTube St Edmunds RC Church Edmonton.