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Welcome to March’s In The Loop!

Whilst Spring is still on its way, we’re here with lots of exciting events news to tide you over until the warmer weather! We’ve got our AGM coming up in April where members can stand and vote in General Council elections, plus we’re super stoked to announce our National Gathering Theology Day in June! Plans for that are shaping up, so stay tuned for more info… Our Bonhoeffer trip is also back this summer, but it’s now the Bonhoeffer European Pilgrimage! Join us to take in the wonders of Cologne, Berlin, Brussels, and Coventry and explore reconciliation work across Europe.

Lent is also well under way, and we’ve been exploring what it means to meet Jesus again for the first time. Through blogs, prayers, and reflections, we’re inviting you to take part in a lenten journey of rediscovery with us. Check out our blogs section this month for our first three Lent blogs, including an intro to the series from William, and stories of meeting Jesus through queering the BIble, and psychoanalysis, from our members!

As ever, read on to find out what we’ve been up to and what’s coming up in the world of SCM!

From all of us,
Grace and peace.


AGM – save the date!

Our 2024 AGM will be held on Teams on 22nd April at 7pm. Members will have the chance to shape the future of the movement by voting on any proposals to the AGM and by electing our General Council (GC), SCM’s student-led decision making body. More details about standing for GC will be released soon, but you can book onto the meeting now if you’re a member, or eligible for membership!

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National Gathering Theology Day

Our first National Gathering Theology Day will be happening on Saturday June 22nd at St Pancras Church in London! We’ll be gathering to explore inner peace and outer pacifism, and what this means in light of the wars in Ukraine and Gaza. We are approaching lots of exciting speakers and plans are well underway, and we’d love it if you could join us. More details will be released soon, so watch this space!

Berlin Trip 2024

Our Bonhoeffer trip is back and this time, it’s a pilgrimage. Not content to simply explore Bonhoeffer’s links in Berlin, the pilgrimage will start in Coventry and stop over in Cologne before reaching Berlin. There will also be a night in Brussels on the way back. Bookings are only open for a few of weeks, so secure your place now!

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March 14th: Uni Mental Health Day

We want students in our Universities to thrive, to be empowered to grow in themselves, and to live life to the full. A few years ago, we teamed up with Space to Breathe to create a practical mental health guide for students to help them do just that! Download your free copy today.

Download Well Beings

Not Equal Yet Conference

Join the Not Equal Yet Conference this April, where they will address the urgent need to end discrimination against women in the CofE You can expect thought-provoking discussions and practical strategies, exploring ways to create a more loving community of belonging for all, regardless of gender, race, or sexual orientation.

This live event is sponsored by WATCH (Women And The Church) who believe that God’s love knows no boundaries, and discrimination has no place in our faith. Don’t miss out on this important event as we work together towards building a more inclusive future! Even better, Not Equal Yet is free to all students!

Not Equal Yet Conference

The Gathering in Oxford is a space provided by New Road Baptist Church for Students and others to explore big questions of faith in an inclusive environment. So if that’s not a massive cross over with SCM, we don’t know what is! Our very own Revd Naomi Nixon was lucky enough to be invited to go there to speak last Sunday and the welcome was wonderful. Students from three different SCM groups showed up and they reconnected with tales of last year’s Berlin trip and the hopes for this year’s National Gathering. Naomi talked about Revelation, the new heaven and the new earth and the discussions afterwards were lively and warm, as was the delicious food which older people from the congregation had prepared. Naomi came home buzzing from the joy of being with members old and new and God being in the midst of us.

Watch Naomi’s Talk
Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time
“For many of us, our understanding of who Jesus was and is for us today develops and changes throughout our lives. And for those of us who call ourselves Christian, there is often a moment to which we can point where we rediscover Jesus for ourselves.” Read: Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time by William Gibson
The Gospels are Queer
“Reading the story of Jesus through a queer lens and exploring the possibility of seeing me and my experience reflected back in millennia-old sacred text is what has returned my faith back to me.” Read: The Gospels are Queer
Meeting Jesus in Psychoanalysis
“I didn’t expect to meet with Jesus here. Indeed, I was very anxious that it was a profoundly un-Christian thing to do.” Read: Meeting Jesus in Psychoalanysis
We love hearing what you’re up to as part of the movement. Please feel free to drop us a message using any of the links below to let us know what’s happening in the movement where you are! #StoriesFromTheMovement