NJPN Reaction to the London Bridge attacks

Yesterday we celebrated the feast of Pentecost and reflected on the call to live lives of ‘wholeness’ with the gifts and fruits of the Spirit of the living Lord.

It was within this context that we listened to the unfolding story of the horrific events of Saturday evening on London Bridge and in Borough Market.

We also saw the response of the people of Manchester as they celebrated, with music and song, the lives of those affected by the tragedy that has united their vibrant and diverse city.

As well as expressing our sorrow and acknowledging justifiable anger at these horrific events we must ask the urgent question ‘As Christians what should be our response?’

A knee-jerk reaction or unguarded harsh rhetoric in the heat of the moment may only fuel division within our communities.

What is it that the Holy Spirit is saying to each of us in this time and this place?

The challenge to us all is to ensure that this same Spirit runs through every action that we take in trying to build a world of justice and peace for all people locally, nationally and globally.

We commit to God in our prayers those who have died, the grieving families and friends, bystanders and rescuers, and the civil and police authorities that their plans for the future, are carefully measured, just and designed to strengthen social cohesion.