Summer 2023 MouthPeace

Hello everyone 

Summer has arrived with some good sunny weather – and Summer Mouthpeace!
Again there is a lot about our climate emergency and various ways people are trying to tackle this – in schools, in parishes,  with other groups and local authorities. 
There are zoom meetings to join and most are recorded so can be watched in your own time.  Note: The Pax Christi member, Ann Wilson’s talk on June 6th about her time in the West Bank  is not recorded. On the Israel/Palestine theme there is also things about Nabka this 75th Anniversary year.  
There are also articles about ‘Women in Prisons’, Lancashire Churches Together partnership with the public sector and  Hiroshima – the play ‘The Mistake ‘ and the book ‘Half life of Snails’ 
Wishing you a good summer,