NW NJPN Justice and Peace E Bulletin Mid November 2023

Despite the dark days that dominate the headlines at present the Mid November NW NJPN E Bulletin contains many signs of hope: in a letter for World Youth Day (26 November), Pope Francis describes youth as a time of “hopes and dreams”; Green Christian’s Annual Members Meeting reports a fruitful and wide-ranging discussion on finding hope; the Archbishop of Dublin finds hope in last month’s Synod; a fascinating conversation between actors Adrian Lester and Meera Syal, videoed during lockdown, discuss how sharing stories gives hope for understanding between different groups; reviewing Ken Loach’s latest film, The Old Oak, Fr Chris Hughes describes how the Tyne and Wear Citizens alliance of about 35 institutions including mosques, schools, charities, community groups, a universities, churches and trade unions allows shared concerns and hope to be located across diverse groups of people. 

The bulletin leads with poems, prayers and articles on the conflict in the Holy Land as well as issues closer to home: a call for urgent government action on the poverty that affects children, the elderly and disabled and homeless people; and Ian Linden’s latest blog looks at the impact of the Supreme Court’s ruling against the Rwanda plan. Jesuit Refugee Service give details of a Christmas Greetings Card campaign and PACT has news of Advent carol services for prisoners and their families.

I have produced a series of weekly Advent reflections on the themes of Hope, Peace, Joy and Love for individual or group use – you can download these using the link on page 17.

As we approach Advent and the Christmas season let us pray for peace in our hearts, in our communities and in our world.

Anne O’Connor

NW NJPN Justice and Peace E Bulletin Mid November 2023