NJPN Conference Information

The National Justice & Peace Network Annual Conference will take place at Hayes Conference Centre, Swanwick, Derbyshire from 19- 21July 2024.

The theme for the weekend is ‘Just Politics’ and the aim  to explore the need for truth and integrity in public life. As people of faith, how are we called to work towards honest dialogue and respectful listening in political and social engagement and seek good governance in all seats of power; local, national, and global? What is our gut response when we hear, via our news channels, that the forthcoming election will be full of ‘dirty tricks and muckraking’   How should we respond to such a depressing and  alarming prediction. Is this the level of public discourse that we must accept?

Sir John Battle will chair the conference, bringing his vast knowledge and  experience of  Catholic Social Teaching in action  both in the political sphere and community engagement.  

During the weekend we will hear from Keynote speakers, take part in workshops, find resources and information in the ‘Just Fair’ and listen to the voices of young adults as they share their hopes and concerns for the future of our world.  

 Rt Revd Dr Guli Francis-Dehqani, Bishop of Chelmsford,  will explore some of the dynamics of public discourse, the implications for individuals and society, some possible solutions and opportunities for Christians and the Church to play a positive role.  Molly Scott Cato, Former Green MEP and currently Finance and Economy Spokesperson for the Green Party will speak about how untruth is undermining democracy. Steve Whiting, former manager of the Quaker Turning the Tide Programme, will start to pull together what we have learned from speakers and workshops and help us identify common themes. Colette Joyce of Westminster Justice and Peace Commission will facilitate the session with young people speaking about their concerns, what action they can take and what they look for from others.

 The final part of the conference be facilitated by Fr Chris Hughes and Sara  Bryson who will share and describe how they have used community organising in campaigns in Tyne and Wear Citizens. They will focus on how participants accept the challenges raised during the weekend  and  how we move forward in our action for peace and social justice.

Anne Peacey.

Chair NJPN