Fr Peter Hughes SSC: Keynote Speaker at NJPN Conference

At a time of increasing uncertainty and growing insecurity as witnessed by the recent frightening events in our country we will explore as a faith community:

  • The call to overcome fears, anxieties and become renewed by the light of the Spirit amidst growing darkness.
  • Reflect from the margins of society, the world of the Latin American poor, the renewal expressed by Pope Francis in Laudato Si, of life threatened, the increasing danger for the future of our planet caused by climate change linked to the dominance of the techno economic model of development to the detriment of human needs and the care of creation.
  • The ever increasing breech that separates rich and poor with increasing impact of armed conflict and massive migrations. The plight of the dispossessed, bereft of rights or a voice, reduced to hopelessness by a culture of greed and exclusion
  • The initiatives of the church in Latin America for the defense of the life of the Amazon and the destruction of the rain forest, the indigenous peoples whose lives, land and culture are being destroyed by the onslaught of extractive industries, mining, oil, mega hydroelectric dams and agribusiness with serious consequences for the climatic stability of the planet.
  • The interconnectedness of all creation as the basis of spirituality to create new horizons of hope, peace and a more human, just world.
  • Renew our faith in the God who walks with us in our brokenness, struggles and encourages to share the warmth of togetherness and solidarity.