Skill Up! Stand Up! Join War on Want and friends for an exciting fortnight of events in Manchester.

A free day of training for activists – Saturday 17 October

A full day of free skills workshops at the lovely MERCi Centre in Manchester. Choose from a wide range of workshops such as how to get local press coverage, using social media effectively, making an impact with a street stall, creative actions, strategies for influencing politicians, facilitating effective meetings and more. Places are limited, so book now!

What sessions would you like to see at the event? What skills would you like to gain for your group work or campaign? Email to let us know and we’ll try and accommodate your wishes!

More events…

Stop the Arms Fair will be coming to Manchester on Saturday 22 August (and Birmingham on the 25th too). Join with others from your area and find out more about how you can stop this deadly arms trade.

In October, we’ll be up in Manchester to demonstrate against austerity with the People’s Assembly and the TUC. Find out more here.

Hope to see you in Manchester!

War on Want fights against the root causes of poverty and human rights violations, as part of the worldwide movement for global justice.

Together we are stronger. Let’s build our movement this Autumn.