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Last year, Austria was the first EU country to vote to ban glyphosate, and after a few delays it’s nearly about to adopt its ban! [1] But there’s one major hurdle before the glyphosate ban is enacted: the European Commission has to give its approval for Austria’s glyphosate ban. And Bayer-Monsanto is trying to stop it with expensive lobbyists. [2]

Bayer-Monsanto wants to stop Austria’s ban at any cost, because it knows that once EU countries show that it’s possible to ban the substance, others will follow like dominoes. Harmful synthetic pesticides are a cash cow for agribusiness, so they’re going to try to defend them with everything they’ve got.

That’s why we have to bring everything we have, too! The Commission has the power to decide the ban’s fate, so we need to counter Bayer-Monsanto’s lobbyists with a massive show of people-power. If we show the Commission that Europeans are watching their decision with a massive petition, they’ll see a groundswell of support from all over Europe that they won’t be able to ignore. Let’s prove that our people power is stronger than the corporate lobby – will you sign?

Counter Bayer-Monsanto’s lobbyists: Sign the petition

The European Commission has always said that EU countries can ban glyphosate within their own borders. [3] But, of course, Bayer-Monsanto doesn’t care: they’ve even come out publicly saying that they expect the European Commission to strike down Austria’s ban on glyphosate. [4]

The pesticide industry maintains that glyphosate is safe, but scientific evidence of glyphosate’s carcinogenic effect is increasing. A review of existing studies from the University of Washington found that exposure to glyphosate increases the risk of cancer by 41 percent. [5] They noted that a “compelling link” exists between exposure to glyphosate and one type of blood cancer.

Now, more EU countries are talking about glyphosate bans and restrictions: Luxembourg will completely phase-out glyphosate by the end of this year, and even Germany has committed to phase-out glyphosate by the end of 2023! [6] Together we can convince the Commission to allow for a ban on glyphosate in Austria, setting the conditions for more countries to do the same. And all we need to do is remind the EU Commission of their own words!

Defend our health and the environment: Sign the petition

We’ve been fighting against the likes of Bayer-Monsanto for years – and we’ve made a difference. In 2017 we launched an official European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) which gathered over 1 million signatures in favour of banning glyphosate. And as a direct response to our ECI, the EU changed the law so that formerly secret industry safety studies must be shown to the public! [7]

Together we’ve proven that our people-power is stronger than the corporate lobby. Austria’s historic ban could finally prove to be the catalyst that influences all of Europe to remove glyphosate from our food supply. Let’s keep up the pressure and tell the EU Commission to resist Bayer-Monsanto’s lobbyists and respect all EU countries’ rights to ban harmful pesticides.

With determination,
David (London), Giulio (Rome), Marta (Warsaw), and the entire WeMove Europe team


PS: In the second quarter of this year, Bayer-Monsanto made a net loss of almost €10 billion due to its multibillion dollar settlement with US plaintiffs alleging that Bayer-Monsanto’s glyphosate herbicides cause cancer. [8] And just last month, a California appeals court rejected Bayer-Monsanto’s attempt to overturn a verdict requiring Bayer-Monsanto to compensate the plaintiff tens of millions of dollars. [9] The facts, science, pressure, and law is closing in on glyphosate – now it’s time we do our part. Please sign now.


[1] While the Austria glyphosate ban was scheduled to take effect on Jan. 1, 2020, the country’s caretaker leader announced she would not sign the ban into law, citing that Parliament had not formally provided the correct notification to the EU. Subsequently, the Austrian Parliament has sent the formal notification to the EU and the Commission has until August 19, 2020 to comment or object.

Austria on course to become first EU country to ban glyphosate

[2] This is where the Austrian government has notified the EU of its intended ban on glyphosate – you can find comments from civil society and industry on the page:
[3] In German:
In French:

MEPs ready to negotiate EFSA’s transparency rule, but need to find a new negotiator


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