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A Lenten Journey

Lent is not a time to focus on guilt and wrongdoing but an invitation to deepen our relationship with the God of forgiveness’

 Journey through Lent with ‘Daily Actions and Reflections’ based on the Scripture Readings of the Day, prepared by Anne O’Connor for NJPN 

Download  here:    A Lenten Journey



The Nuclear Morality Flow Chart

Ten years ago Tony Blair launched the present Trident renewal project with the thought that “giving it up [would be] too big a downgrading of our status as a nation”. Nuclear weapons are not simply deterrents (some people say they are not deterrents at all) and no-one doubts that they are deployed for reasons of prestige and strategic power politics. However the concept of deterrence is still central to any moral justification that is made for them. Indeed morally they have only this one leg to stand on. As the world moves on from concerns with superpower security to humanitarian consequences and “ethical imperatives”, the moral case has never been more important. Though opposed by an increasing number of people, and by decades of clear (and some less clear) teaching of the Christian churches, the Cold War gospel of nuclear deterrence persists unchallenged in most people’s minds. We could say that people have to change their own minds.

Martin Birdseye has designed a method for individuals to work through moral decision making about nuclear weapons.This is the thinking behind the Nuclear Morality Flowchart – a logical decision tree of the relevant moral and practical questions that are necessary for a rational, personal decision on the ethics of nuclear deterrence. You can try it on-line at:

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Now as parliament approaches decision time on the Trident renewal programme, seemingly locked into the deterrent mindset, there is another role for the Flowchart. On 21st April it will be the basis for a meeting to brief MPs on the ethics of nuclear weapons. (See attached flyer) We hope this will help them to confront the moral dimension of this critical issue. The flowchart also gives them the option of demonstrating their thinking to their constituents. Ask your MP to try it and then send you his or her decision path. The special software makes this easy.

This article appears in the Summer edition of NJPN Newsletter

Joint Public Issues Team: EU Referendum Resource

“Think, Pray Vote” explores issues such as sovereignty, the single market, freedom of movement, the environment and more, providing a combination of information, the opportunity for theological reflection and different perspectives from Christians intending to vote.

Please click here to access the page

On the page you will find:
• The EU Referendum resource
• Information on running your own hustings or question-time event
• A word version of the resource from which you can copy and paste into any of your own publications (with appropriate crediting).

Prayer resources on Seeking Sanctuary website

Prayers offered at Lesbos by Pope Francis and Orthodox leaders have been added to the Seeking Sanctuary website which offers a resource both for private use and for groups when holding services and other gatherings such as school assemblies.

There are suggestions for prayers from existing resources as well as new prayers written in response to the challenge of the presence of migrants in squalid conditions in Calais.

Download prayers here

NJPN Environment Group: Useful resources

Resources for Creation Time – 1 Sept – 4 October


Cambridge Carbon Footprint has produced an excellent leaflet giving details of eco homes in the area that people can visit. See


The London Mining Network, chaired by Catholic Richard Solly is a good source of information on mining company activity and its impact on local communities globally.



Global Catholic Climate Movement


Catholic Climate Covenant (US-based)


Green Christian website

magazine at


‘Climate Change and Conflict’ DVD

A Climate Change and Conflict film has been produced by the Movement for the Abolition of War and Kevin Mayhew Publications. Vandana Shiva, Mary Colwell and Mary Robinson all appear in it.


Link to the Catholic Bishops’ website Environmental section:


Read more about climate change, theology, ethics, spirituality and advocacy on the

website of ECEN, the European Christian Environmental Network.


The Forum on Religion and Ecology at Yale is at You can sign up to receive their excellent monthly newsletters by e-mail.


Ecojesuit – Ecology and Jesuits in Communication

Ecojesuit is an online newsletter that promotes global collaboration and networking on ecology.

To subscribe Ecojesuit and obtain access to articles and stories twice a month, visit: