Response to Brexit from War on Want

Whichever way you voted, many will feel a sense of relief that the referendum is over. The mainstream debate became increasingly nasty and divisive as it neared yesterday’s climax, with friends on all points of the political spectrum taking opposing sides.

We now need to rebuild our alliances behind the vision of a world we can all believe in.

War on Want will work with sister organisations across Europe to continue the campaign against the EU’s damaging free trade deals. As the UK now turns to develop its own relations with the rest of the world, we will also build the call for a progressive trade and investment policy from Westminster.

We must ensure that the Leave vote cannot be claimed as a mandate for the UK to develop its own trade deals on the negative lines that it has traditionally supported within the EU.

The news coming out of Brussels is that the European Commission is now seeking to deny national parliaments a vote on CETA – despite numerous promises that the deal would have to be approved by parliamentarians in every EU member state. more here

War on Want will be launching a campaign this autumn for migrant workers’ rights. We were appalled to see the scapegoating of migrants and refugees that became such a feature of the EU referendum debate. Please join us now to be part of the debate.