NJPN Environment Group: Useful resources

Resources for Creation Time – 1 Sept – 4 October



Cambridge Carbon Footprint has produced an excellent leaflet giving details of eco homes in the area that people can visit. See www.openecohomes.org


The London Mining Network, chaired by Catholic Richard Solly is a good source of information on mining company activity and its impact on local communities globally.



Global Catholic Climate Movement



Catholic Climate Covenant (US-based)



Green Christian website


magazine at https://www.greenchristian.org.uk/publications/green-christian


‘Climate Change and Conflict’ DVD

A Climate Change and Conflict film has been produced by the Movement for the Abolition of War and Kevin Mayhew Publications. Vandana Shiva, Mary Colwell and Mary Robinson all appear in it.



Link to the Catholic Bishops’ website Environmental section:



Read more about climate change, theology, ethics, spirituality and advocacy on the

website of ECEN, the European Christian Environmental Network.



The Forum on Religion and Ecology at Yale is at https://fore.research.yale.edu/ You can sign up to receive their excellent monthly newsletters by e-mail.


Ecojesuit – Ecology and Jesuits in Communication

Ecojesuit is an online newsletter that promotes global collaboration and networking on ecology.

To subscribe Ecojesuit and obtain access to articles and stories twice a month, visit: