How to…..Analyse Media Reports

Our ‘How To’ series is developed to help start/develop your justice and peace group and are all available on the resources page.

5. How to analyse media reports

Some ideas for reflection and analysis.

  1. Perception
  • WHAT do you see?
  • WHAT exactly is happening?
  • WHAT are the people in this situation feeling?
  1.  Our Own Experience
  • WHAT similar situations are you aware of in your own and others experience?
  1. Analysis
  • WHAT is the situation?
  • WHERE is it taking place?
  • In WHAT context?
  • WHY does it exist?
  • WHO is affected?
  • WHO is in a position of power?
  • WHO is powerless or suffering?
  1. Connected Problems
  • WHAT connections can you make between this and other situations elsewhere? 
  1. Planning Action
  • CAN you do anything to change this situation?
  • WHAT do you need to do in order to bring about this change?