The September NW NJPN E BULLETIN leads with the cost of living crisis which threatens to plunge many people into poverty and despair.  It’s still uncertain who will be the next Prime Minister but we can only hope that adequate support will be made available for all those who struggle to make ends meet. The other key area of concern is the climate crisis. The recent catastrophic floods in Pakistan are proof that the greenhouse effect needs addressing urgently.

World news includes a statement from Pax Christi International condemning the recent raid on Palestinian human rights offices and the destruction of St Andrew’s Church in Ramallah by Israeli forces, concerns for the safety of children returning to school in the Holy Land, a damning report of human rights violations in China against the Uyghur Muslims and other ethnic minority groups, and a challenging opinion piece by writer and broadcaster Elaine Storkey. There’s a packed diary for the autumn, book and film reviews and news of a beautiful waterfall tapestry created by women who have suffered violence as part of the Women in Black support network.


Finally, a request from me for help. A reader has contacted me with the following suggestion:


“It seems to me that climate change is by far the greatest threat to human life in all the years human beings have walked this planet. We have reached the point where nothing else matters. Would it be possible to begin each bulletin with a section called Climate Monitor listing the latest developments (and in the case of the Church hierarchy the continuing absence of any significant action) in the struggle to avert climate catastrophe.”


If anyone has suggestions for this and/or can provide up to the minute info I’d be very grateful.


Another reader has welcomed the regular updates on the cost of living crisis. Do please continue to send feedback.


Please read and pass on to others.

Best wishes

Anne O’Connor

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