NW NJPN Justice and Peace E Bulletin April 2024

The April NW NJPN E Bulletin covers a range of wide range of issues plus dates for your diary.

A recent study into social isolation in Britain by the Belonging Forum think tank reveals that 50% of young women and 40% of people living in rented accommodation struggle with loneliness. This theme is picked up in a personal account of a radical life-style change by Canadian urban worker Karen Reed.  She says ‘our lives have become so fragmented and privatized and independent – which has set a course for isolation and alienation – that we have learned to function in our daily life without knowing even one neighbour’s name’ (see pages 8-9 of the bulletin) And as Native American Indian poet Joy Harjo says on page 3 in her poem ‘This morning I pray for my enemies’: ‘An enemy who gets in, risks the danger of becoming a friend’.


The winners of this year’s Columban Media Competition for young people on the subject ‘Biodiversity Matters are announced today – 21 March – the UN’s International Day of Forests. I was delighted to see winning entries in print and artwork categories from the school that my daughters attended, and now my two eldest granddaughters.  The winning design in Britain, ‘Love of the World’ (see page 10) was commended by Mary Colwell, author and champion for curlew recovery and nature education.  Mary’s conservation work features on pages 11-12 of the bulletin. 


As Lent draws to a close I’ve included some reflections on pages 14-15 including a prayer for peace in The Holy Land from the Iona Community. 


Wishing all our readers a blessed and holy Easter,


Anne O’Connor      

NW NJPN Justice and Peace E Bulletin April 2024