The Mid August edition of the NW NJPN E Bulletin leads with the current cost of living crisis with reports from journalist Ellen Teague and Paul Morrison, policy advisor for the Joint Public Issues Team.  There’s an urgent action request from the Balfour Project charity to halt plans by the Israeli authorities to construct a new illegal settlement in East Jerusalem. We celebrate the life of Japanese designer Issey Miyake who survived the Hiroshima bomb and reprint an opinion piece he wrote for the New York Times in 2009. Also featured is artist Raymond Briggs who died recently. Perhaps most well-known for the Christmas classic The Snowman, Briggs was also creator of the haunting parable about nuclear apocalypse – When the Wind Blows. Trevor Phillips, chairman of Index on Censorship, which campaigns for free expression, questions the decision by some University departments to ‘shield’ students from books which may cause offence. Upcoming events in the Justice and Peace calendar include Creation Time, Days of Nonviolence and Prisons Week with a wealth of resources suggested.

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Anne O’Connor

NW NJPN Justice and Peace E Bulletin Mid August 2022