NW NJPN E Bulletin December 2023

The December issue of the NW NJPN E Bulletin leads with a challenging opinion piece by Professor Ian Linden entitled ‘Immigration or Inequality?’ – an excellent analysis of the current situation in the UK and beyond.  Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) condemns the resumption of the Israeli bombing of Gaza and calls for an arms embargo. Two recent gatherings to pray for peace – from Palestinian peacemakers The Amos Trust and the Pax Christi Advent service – contain moving prayers and readings that you may find useful for individuals or groups.  There are poems and reflections for Christmas including an interesting perspective on the Nativity story.  Joseph Kelly shares his thoughts on the Covid enquiry and there are also articles on COP28 – but do check out the latest NJPN E Bulletin for more info at https://www.justice-and-peace.org.uk/campaigns/njpn-e-bulletin-3rd-december-2023/

Resources include Pax Christi’s comprehensive range of material for Peace Sunday which will be celebrated on 14 January 2024, Thinking Faith at Boarbank Hall on Zoom and don’t forget we are fast approaching the deadline for The Columban’s Schools Media Competition.

Wishing you all the blessings of the Christmas season and praying for a peaceful New Year.

Anne O’Connor

NW NJPN Justice and Peace E Bulletin December 2023