NJPN AGM and 40th anniversary celebration:Young people need a chance to shine


On Saturday the twelfth of May, we caught a train to London. It was the earliest we’ve ever set off for a birthday party! We met some wonderful people at the NJPN’s 40 years celebration and AGM from all over the nation. The most heartening thing was that we were spoken to and listened to by everyone. We met all sorts of people from Pat Gaffney (Pax Christi) to Maria Elena (CAFOD), even making friends with Bruce Kent! The way everyone valued our input and let us be as involved as all the adults made us feel like part of the NJPN team. Every time we get involved with NJPN, our faith in everything good and our hope is renewed. Seeing so many good people working together for one big aim, making the world a better place, is so inspirational. Even on the train back, we were starting to plan new ideas. Our favorite part of the day was the networking. So many people gave us so many ideas and offered lots of support and contacts. One phrase that summarises everything we came out thinking is, “Let’s crack on!” 


Anna and Eleanor Marshall