Pax Christi / NJPN Annual General Meeting – May 2013.

 Groups were invited to share ‘good news’ stories of the past year


  • Luton –    March – Interfaith, International Women’s Day celebration
  • Leeds –  PX 2nd year running Peace Sunday Collection £300
  • Westminster – Abdul gets indefinite leave to remain in GB after long struggle
  • A&B –  Ecuadorean indigenous woman to teach children values of peace & justice : I.T.
  • ARC – Alliance for religion & conservation


  • Great response from parish J&P members re need for action when giving mission appeals
  • 11 yr old boy standing up for nonviolence
  • Parish prayer group led to ‘safe house’ for refugee mothers & children
  • Peaceful presence of the church in Palestine enables rice to be given to poor/hungry families
  • Courage of Afghan peace volunteers in Kabul
  • Effectiveness of letter writing to MP’s


  • Maunday Thursday vigil at Glascoed BAE systems
  • During Olympic 100 days of peace – parish day with Mrs Mizzen, released balloons & planted a tree for Jimmy
  • South West CT – food bank co-ordination- attitude changing
  • Trying to create fairness
  • Interfaith walk in Newham
  • Pope Francis unblocking Romero’s canonisation cause


  • Don’t hesitate to approach “important people”. At a recent UN meeting ambassadors were asked to attend
  • Crises attract new volunteers – a food bank attracted people previously uninvolved
  • Food bank contributions have been included in offertory processions in accordance with General Instructions on Roman Missal (GIRM)
  • Many involved in J&P without acknowledging it eg working in charity shops


  • e-mail makes it so much easier to contact MP
  • County Council supported loans from credit unions for housing deposits
  • Food banks success
  • Young People at Ash Wednesday Peace Service


  • Impact of present austerity measures and continual spending on military engagement in Iraq, Syria & Afghanistan. People are beginning to get war weary
  • Impact of Pope Francis & his emphasis on simplicity & service of humanity. Experiencing ‘smell of sheep’
  • Personal awareness of need to preserve our beautiful world & not destroy it


  • Good morning Aldermaston – taking message to workers
  • Building up blog of reasons for not going to war
  • Peace Sun celebration & collection for first time in parish
  • Speakers from El Salvador in parish via CAFOD Connect 2
  • Impressed by interst form schools
  • Establishing Palestine link with local group
  • Local community developments
  • Wool against weapons – provoke discussion


  • After 28 years petitions accepted in parish & Live Simply Parish Award
  • J&P group focusing on dementia. Training local people to understand care and find ways of dealing with it
  • Environmental workshop continues – awarded environmentalist of year
  • Collaboration of UCM 7 J&P Shrewsbury diocese
  • Involvement with refugee Centre; parish committed to support worker for centre. Sponsored walk – refugees walked in gratitude
  • Raising awareness of effects of drone warfare with CSJPD


  • Hitchen Parish gained Live Simply Award – peace with planet
  • Trident talks by Bruce Kent – Columbans
  • J&P newsletter parish of OL Queen of Peace – Shoreham by sea
  • AEF&J Networkk 25th anniversary- JPIC links annual conference


  • J&P group in York meets once a month- campaigns activity
  • Sanika Ahmed 8 yr old girl had operation to free her arm – Portsmouth
  • Life changing visit to Bromley – more people know about Palestine
  • Sierra Leone – surplus sewing machines given – rebuilding after civil war.
  • Wimbledon UN & CNO meetings ONE WORLD WEEK
  • Coventry Deanery group –divestment of pension funds from arms companies


  • CAFOD waking up to militarism
  • Drones promotes networking
  • Marking WW1 – an opportunity
  • Trident Petition
  • Walk of witness
  • Evening standard
  • $1.7 Trillion military expense



  • The 3 Churches Peace Candle is ongoing each year in Cardiff. Peace Sunday to Romero Day
  • Using an carton ‘Tentates’ (God of War) to illustrate the ‘Entente Nucleaire: pictures break down language barriers. Tested in Geneva this year!
  • Good news-an accessible pope?
  • Bishop Kenney listened when questioned about Trident-Scotland & Wales are against-pressure points.
  • Links with Anglican Bishops who oppose? Open doors?   Knock on closed doors especially those ‘in the home.’
  • Get rid of silly traditional hymns with jingo themes.


  • Ash Wed at MOD
  • Pope Francis
  • IF campaign in parish
  • Peace Sunday Bidding Prayers & homily
  • Churches Together
  • Shoreditch Citizens
  • B.O.A.T.(Blackfriars overseas Aid Trust)

Oscar Rom