Spring Appeal for Maria Skobstova Catholic Worker House in Calais

Please help support vital ongoing work at Maria Skobtsova House in Calais.    Maria Skobtsova house was founded two years ago to serve the most vulnerable refugees and migrants living in the refugee camp in Calais, and to tend to the sick who were hospitalised.    Despite the closure of the Calais camp in October 2016, Br Johannes Maertens work continues. Many of those who are helped at the house today are young refugees, mostly Ethiopian and Eritrean boys in their teens.    Some boys are only 14 years old, and some girls just 16 years old. There is no longer any infrastructure for child refugees left in Calais, and these children are very vulnerable to being trafficked, as they are often unaccompanied minors.   

SHELTER:  In the first half of 2017 alone, Maria Skobtsova House accommodated more than 60 vulnerable or young refugees, either at the house, or through a small hosting network, keeping them sheltered from cold, rain and violence.    


 ACCOMPANY:  The house also provides accompaniment – young workers or lawyers regularly visit the young refugees at the house informing them of their rights, as does an Eritrean co-worker from Caritas France. Br Johannes also works closely with other organizations to guide those who may have a legal route to the UK or settle legally in France.    

COMMUNITY: The most vulnerable are provided with a community, a place of prayer, support and friendship. Art therapists from Art Refuge UK also work in the house on a weekly basis helping refugees to tell their stories, through art and creativity. Maria Skobtsova House works as an advocate for the refugees.       The Friends of Maria Skobtsova House are asking for an urgent Christian response to this inhumane situation. Can you help?  

DONATING:   If you are able to, please consider donating towards the ongoing costs of the house at: https://www.justgiving.com/campaigns/charity/rcdiocese-westminster/westminsterjp3-safechildrencalais 

 Br Johannes is also looking for specific items of clothing and footwear

More information here:


Westminster Justice and Peace Commission , 4 Vincent Rd, London N15 3QH

Tel 00 44 (0) 208 888 4222

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