NJPN E-Bulletin 24th April 2022

Dear Friends,

“War was neither blessed nor forbidden by Christ.
He simply stated that…war belonged to a realm that no longer had a decisive meaning.”

(Thomas Merton)

A belated Happy Easter to you all. It is now three weeks since the last e-bulletin, and there seems no sign of the conflict in Ukraine resolving itself anytime soon. More atrocities keep coming to light, and I feel as if we are teetering on the brink of a chasm. You cannot help but wonder what Putin’s End Game is.
In other news in the past week or so, who would have guessed that the Government would have come out with a plan to ship migrants entering the country illegally off to Rwanda. Our Action of the Week covers this in more depth.
Talk about using it as a smokescreen to take attention away from the fines being given out to our Prime Minister and his colleagues, for breaking their own rules during Covid! I have no words that adequately describe how I feel about this Government, but after overhearing a radio interview with a woman in the street who said quite simply “I am sick of hearing about it all, just let them get on with the job,” I realised that the Government go unchallenged by the general public, purely because these things come up so frequently that many just shut their ears to it.
All being well, the next edition should be out around the 8th May, but it will be the same weekend as our virtual AGM and Networking Day (details of which are in the Events Section), so it may be a little later.

God bless,
Sharon (Editor)


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