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*** NJPN Action of the Week *** Jewish Voice for Peace: Free Issa Amro

It’s with a heavy heart I tell you that Issa Amro, friend to me and many at JVP will be facing military trial for his non-violent activism in a few days.
What’s this mean? Well, it means that Issa, someone who’s made it his life’s work to pursue and teach nonviolent solutions may be prosecuted and in all likelihood incarcerated. And violent settlers, protected by IDF soldiers, will continue unpunished and free.
Issa is on trial for pulling back the curtain on the ugly apartheid of segregated streets and shuttered shops in Hebron. His tours to clergy, authors, internationals of all kinds, show a truth that Israel’s relentless multi-million dollar PR would prefer no one sees.
It’s a sign of desperate times that Israel’s courts are hounding a UN-recognized Human Rights Defender. Israel’s military prosecutors have dug deep into the archives to drum up a host of bogus charges against him.
Israel’s military court has a 99.74% conviction rate — even try to wrap your head around that. So we have to act now. We cannot let him or other human rights defenders down.
Can you add your name to our petition right now and help us get to 10,000 signatures?

*** NJPN Action of the Week *** Demand Action to Stop Yemen Famine

World Beyond War is urging non-U.S. countries on the UN Security Council to demand immediate Security Council action to stop the fighting in Yemen so that humanitarian aid can get through, the UN’s warning of famine will be averted, and hundreds of thousands of children will be saved from starvation.
World beyond War urges citizens of these countries to urgently contact their governments to demand that their governments press for immediate Security Council action to stop the fighting and allow humanitarian aid to get through.
The non-U.S. countries on the Security Council are: China, France, Russia, the UK, Bolivia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Senegal, Sweden, Ukraine, and Uruguay.

See Red Cross appeal here:

NJPN Action of the Week – CAAT: Stop Arming Saudi

For nearly two years the government has refused to stop its immoral and illegal arms sales to Saudi Arabia – despite overwhelming evidence that UK weapons are being used in violations of International Humanitarian Law in Yemen.

Given the evidence we have heard and the volume of UK-manufactured arms exported to Saudi Arabia, it seems inevitable that any violations of international humanitarian and human rights law by the coalition have involved arms supplied from the UK. This constitutes a breach of our own export licensing criteria.

Now we have a challenge it cannot ignore.

Take action here:

38 Degrees: 0345 Rip Off *** NJPN Action of the Week ***

Families struggling to get by are having to call an expensive phone line to get advice from the government.
Running up a huge phone bill to get support with paying your bills just doesn’t make sense. So Jim from Cambridgeshire has started a petition on the 38 Degrees website to get rid of the expensive phone lines.

Lots of government phone lines don’t cost a penny to call – and it wouldn’t be hard to make this the case for all of them.
Here’s what Jim has to say:

“It’s difficult enough as it is living on disability benefits without being charged 45p a minute to call the government. More often than not it’s their mistake you’re rectifying when you call. I don’t see why anyone should be charged such an extortionate fee for simply making a phone call”

The government says people can get the support they need using a computer. But 1 in 6 people have never been on the internet. And if you have a pay-as-you go phone contract, the charges for using these phone lines can go through the roof.

Can you sign the petition now and ask the government to scrap the expensive phone lines?


*** NJPN Action of the Week *** Oxfam: EDM on Refugees

The global refugee crisis has now seen more than 65 million people driven from their homes by violence and conflict. Your MP can make sure that our new Prime Minister, Theresa May, puts people’s lives before politics.

No matter how we all voted in the EU referendum – you and I know that the UK is a fair, decent and tolerant society at its very heart. I’m sure, like me, you’ve been horrified by the surge in hate crime we’ve seen on our own streets, and that doesn’t represent the country we know and love.

You just have to look at the amazing support for our Stand As One campaign: tens of thousands of you have already signed our petition, urging the UK government to do what it takes to protect the lives of refugees.

Now it’s your MP’s turn to step up and take action.
They can sign an Early Day Motion (a petition specifically for MPs) that urges the new Prime Minister, Theresa May, to attend the UN Summit on Refugees and Migrants in September, with firm commitments to tackle the crisis. In doing so, your MP can stand up for the basic rights of all people on the move – from those who have made the UK their home, to the millions worldwide who have been forced to flee conflict, poverty or disaster.

Send a message to your MP now>

*** NJPN Action of the Week ***

A few weeks ago, hundreds of Church Action on Poverty supporters emailed editors in the media, asking them to adopt new guidelines created by the National Union of Journalists to ensure responsible, sensitive reporting on poverty issues.

Then the Chief Executive of Channel 4 spoke out and criticised Channel 5 for “carpet bombing” the schedules with programmes about people on benefits. We were pleased to hear that Channel 4 is now worried about the impact of these programmes, since their own Benefits Street has been a cause of considerable worry and stigma for people receiving benefits
We have written to the chief, David Abraham, and asked him if he will show his commitment to responsible reporting by publicly endorsing the NUJ’s new guidelines. So far, he has not responded. Could you send him a message too, so he understands how concerned people are about this?

Please ask the chief of Channel 4 to adopt the new guidelines for covering poverty issues:

NJPN Action of the Week: Global Catholic Climate Movement: Take the 5 on 5 Challenge

Help amplify the Catholic voice on climate change next week by taking the Five on Five Challenge!

On AUGUST 5, reach out to 5 people to sign the Catholic Climate Petition either online or in person.

If you get 5 people to sign the petition, let us know and we’ll include your name on the “Five on Five Challenge Page” and send you a link to a special thank you video message.

If everyone in our networks reaches out to 5 new people, we can bring in 50,000 more signatures to present to world leaders at November’s UN climate summit.  


Nepal: Drop the Debt    

*** NJPN Action of the Week ***

Nepal was hit by a second massive earthquake, just two weeks after more than 8,000 people were killed and an estimated 8 million were affected by a devastating earthquake measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale.

As with other disasters, the British public have responded with extraordinary generosity, pledging £50 million to the Disasters Emergency Committee so far. Yet today Nepal is making a $3.5 million debt payment to the IMF, and a total of $210 million of debt payments are due this year. Funds are flowing OUT of Nepal at a time when they are desperately needed for the country to recover and rebuild.

ACT NOW: Please call on the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank, Nepal’s two biggest lenders, to drop the debt