NJPN E-Bulletin 2nd October 2022

Dear Friends,

What a fortnight it has been. There is so much going on, and none of it very good, that I don’t really know where to start in compiling this edition.

Firstly, Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral was beautifully done, and it brought the whole country together for those few hours. And then things changed…

In the course of around an actual week of working, our new Prime Minister and her Government have managed to trash the economy, and will potentially be ruining the environment. Interest rates are rising, as are fuel bills and food costs. I am just waiting for the bottom to drop out of the housing market (although possibly that is their plan).

Around the world there is hunger, devastation from Hurricane Ian, and of course the situation in Ukraine – and that is getting very frightening when you think about what Putin’s end game could be, especially as he is losing face.

On the plus side, the Government are hitting rock bottom in the polls, and Labour’s leadership are looking like a viable alternative. (although unless something happens to force the current Government out, we still have a two year wait until we are able to vote).

I have included a sample of as much as I can, but there was not enough space for everything.

The next e-bulletin will be out later than normal, and should be around the 30th October. I am taking a short break, and then have a work commitment the following weekend. If you could please bear that in mind when sending items to be included. Apologies in advance.

Stay safe, and keep well and warm,