Latest news from the National Justice and Peace Network Environment Group

 Actions/comments from 43rd Meeting of the National Justice and Peace Network Environment Group, November 23rd 2016

COPP Talks in Morocco – Please read Sally’s Tyldesley blog for a comprehensive view. Main highlights – over 190 countries have agreed to ratify, a majority of these countries have already signed so far, including the UK. A ratchet system has been proposed to monitor/regulate conditions. The 2018 conference likely to be held in Poland.

Fracking – The group will review the current situation and produce an updated statement.

Diocesan Environmental Policies – We are continuing to push policies within the diocesan context. 2 dioceses, Caritas Salford and. Arundel and Brighton are progressing well.

Disinvestment from fossil fuels – On 19th November, a group representative attended a joint meeting held by Operation Noah and the Quakers updating the present Bright Now and Ethical Investment campaign. See the Bright Now campaign.   

Climate Change – A statement welcoming the UK commitment to ratify the Paris agreement was issued in November. Next Year’s Climate week will take place July 2nd to July 9th

Paper on consultation with the Bishops’ Conference over environmental structure – A paper outlining our proposals has been agreed and sent to Bishops Conference.

NJPN Conference July 2017 – The conference will be on Laudato Si’ and the economic issues it has raised- Maria Alana and Ellen Teague are the groups representative on the steering committee.

Live Simply Award Update – 23 parishes now have registered for the award + one university chaplaincy, 15 dioceses are involved, 7 schools also. The group are continuing to encourage and monitor progress.  See the CAFOD website for more.

CAFOD Campaigning – CAFOD will be promoting green heart stickers, along with a children’s liturgy and video

There will be an emphasis on Energy in April. Wednesday Jan 25th a talk on Faith and Climate

Season of Creation – Interest is definitely building on the Season of Creation, partly due to the excellent work of the Global Catholic Climate Coalition. The global picture is available here. The Environment group will compile resources produced this year for making available next year

Other items of interest:

Green Christians campaigns – Joy in Enough – another conference is planned for Autumn 2017, Way of life – there will be a day held on January 28th At St Aloysius, Euston. See the website more information 

Future Events

28 January – Green Christian Way of Life Day at St. Aloysius, Euston

28 January – Arundel and Brighton J&P Assembly, DABCEC, Crawley “Am I agood Neighbour – Globalisation and the Fair Society; Speakers: Fr Augusto Davies CAFOD and Jenny Sinclair Together the Common Good –

21-23 July 2017 NJPN annual conference. Working title: ‘Sabbath for the Earth and Poor; The challenge of Pope Francis’

Next Meeting: Wednesday 22nd February 1-4pm at CAFOD